Laminate -25-40 in/lbs.

. Repeat this with the rear action screws until secured at 65 in/lbs.


following torque specifications: Front screw - 55 to 60 inch pounds, Middle screw - 40 to 45 inch pounds.

. in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. Bottom metals & Accessories- Hawkins Precision – rings – mounts.


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Apr 8, 2015 · Deadshot2. Laminate -25-40 in/lbs.


I believe it was stated 45 INCH pounds that was what Mike Walker-rifle designer recommended.

In the 37/40x sub category there is a post about original torque specs. .

, which I purchased as a 'scoped combo'. Torque the screw closest to the recoil lug first, then the tang screw.

Non pillar or wood, probably 45-50 (per Yote, above).

jibnast said: For my Model 7 torque the front down to 35 inch pounds and the rear to 10 inch pounds and shoot a group and see how it goes and then add 2 inch pound increments your groups should get smaller then open back up then you will know where the rear screw likes to be.

(front screw first; rear screw second).

. Feb 20, 2015 · Once you get over 60 in/lbs you are now into the range of a standard torque wrench that starts at 5 ft/lbs. They are fully machined out of 416 stainless with a T27 Torx head.

. One doesn't always need to have a "click type" torque wrench. Can anyone give me the recommend torque for the the action screws on a Remington 700P? WY Child De inimico non loquaris male, sed cogites. . . The action has been bedded and floated.

5 ft/lbs = 60 in/lbs.

If you do, you'll tear up your bolt when you re-insert it. Second, 20 and 25 lbs had the best groups by far with 20 lbs being the most accurate.


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Thanks for any help.

Nov 10, 2017 · Non pillar or wood, probably 45-50 (per Yote, above).