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The lowest price is £34. At least one hour in the water.

Regular price £26.

commute 1 miles from Whitefield,.

It will give you the idea of Scuba Diving. 5hrs in total. 00.


. If you like this, then you can continue with your Open Water Diver Course. The average cost of a single-tank dive is between $40 – $150 but expect a lot more for liveaboard diving and travel.

Local Rates. The lowest price is £34.



99. 00.

. From £476.

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) - £45.


Find a new adventure at G.

Situated at a distance of half a mile from the town square of Athens, the Athens Scuba Park is another one of the scuba dive sites in Texas. . With over 35 wrecks that have sunk down in the lakes, you will explore a different world of antique ruins while diving under the clear water.

Wetsuits for Men, Women and Kids for Summer and Winter. 99; Minimum Age for Scuba Diving around Manchester, Greater Manchester is from 10 years old. . . £49.


. RRP£436 is now £342! The number is limited.

We have 3 Scuba Diving venues in and around Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Quality scuba diving training using excellent equipment and exceptional facilities.

Headlamp with two rechargeable batteries.


Then there are the recurring costs, which can be anywhere from $75 to $150 per dive.