Things do not go as planned and the group is faced with something unusual and dangerous.

D’ya finally know how strong Grim is”.

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He has short red hair with yellow tips. Leona Kingscholar and Malleus Draconia have been married for five years as part of a deal they accepted to escape their responsibility as part of the Royalty to find a suitor as per. Personality.


The only reason he would want a child is to message others that you are his. . .

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Hailing from Sunset Savanna (Afterglow Savanna), Leona Kingscholar is the second born son of the once king presiding over their kingdom. Leona Kingscholar* @666zikill photo* @amaaai88 assist* @sxkx_11xkxt.

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May 19, 2023 · Leona Kingscholar.
) He thought the child would just take his attention.
Leona often commands Ruggie to get things for him, such as when he requested him to get a menchi katsu sandwich from the cafeteria.

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He has thick, messy brown hair with two braids on either side.

. Cheka Kingscholar is the son of Falena Kingscholar, king of Sunset Savanna and Leona Kingscholar's nephew. .

We've got the vitals on all the major students in Disney's Twisted-Wonderland, so here is the roster's age, height, and birthday. he would be awaiting for the day of your child’s birth since you announced it to him; so basically it was nine whole months of him being. Leona was inspired by Scar in Disney’s, The Lion King. King. Royal Pride (Leona Kingscholar/Yuu). And how they pronounce Scholar is, Su.

Leona, Leo for lion.

Cheka is a small boy with light brown skin. Leona's outfit consists of a dark yellow, sleeveless shirt with a deep v.

Episode of Savanaclaw.

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In this scene, Mufasa and Sarabi present their newborn son, Simba, to the gathering animals by Rafiki.

But oh well, what's a better present than the great Leona Kingscholar himself?Request by @ghostsofthegraveyarddance.