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the moon when she met Patrick Grant, a judge on the BBC programme.

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All of our plants are propagated here in our own nurseries and we have many thousands of cacti ready.


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Agave Parryi, also known as Parry’s Agave come in several different varieties.

Regular feeding throughout the growing season will encourage your plants to grow well and flower regularly. Sedum Rubrotinctum Aurora - Rooted Plant. .

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Credit: The Sill.

Choose cacti and succulents in an array of shapes and sizes here at Thompson and Morgan.

If you're looking for cactus garden ideas that feel a little different from the norm, then take a cue from the display above. Same postage for multiple packets.

the moon when she met Patrick Grant, a judge on the BBC programme. .

Glenhirst Cactus Nursery - Boston, Lincolnshire.
Most enjoy full sun.

Add a pop of color to your desk-scape with a flowering jungle.

Euphorbia erytrea - Desert Cactus from £64.

We grow a variety of cacti and succulents, exhibit our plants, give talks and show them off in competitions. . 00; Echeveria diffractens - Single Head Cutting £ 5.

Soon enough, Tony’s Cacti collection started to grow along with his passion and knowledge. Growing guide. Tony also supplies larger cacti and bespoke orders for burinssesses to furnish their premesis. . Bunny Ear Cactus.

You may pay with a UK cheque or Paypal.

Paul Doyle’s Plants. .

Credit: The Sill.

Same postage for multiple packets.

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It has superior drainage and will dry out quickly after watering.