When the chamber is filled to the top, the peppercorns.

ground ginger. .

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You'll want to secure the grinder first by grabbing it by the neck or base.

This will help you save so much money in the long run! And help keep. . .


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Sprinkle over the tots and toss to coat. each sugar and white pepper, ½ tsp.

How to Open and Refill Alessi Pepper Grinder.


When you’re finished using the grinder, simply twist the metal plate back into place and screw or snap on the lid. .

. You'll then want to squeeze the mill's head and gently lift off the cap.

First, remove the top of the grinder.


There may be clear tape holding.

Instead of changing the spices in the mill, just move the grinder to a new jar! The lid has two openings, too, so you can pour out large amounts or small direct from the jar. 5. Combine 2 tsp.

. each sugar and white pepper, ½ tsp. • We don’t recommend disassembling your pepper mill for cleaning. If your pepper grinder has stopped working, or if you simply want to change out the peppercorns, you’ll need to know how to open pepper grinder to refill it. $6. .

Use a coarse grind for steaks, a medium setting for pizzas and a fine setting for soups and sauces.

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Sprinkle over the tots and toss to coat.

Refilling Cole & Mason Derwent Mill s is easier than it looks.

Pour your salt/pepper in then you have to line up the small copper "dots" that are on the bottom of the cylinder with.

each sugar and white pepper, ½ tsp.

triangular holes for filling the pepper section.